My Baby!

I sculpted My Baby in 2012 (course: sculpture 2, BA Fine Arts @ the Lebanese American University / LAU) and I painted it in 2014 (post graduating with my BA); :).

This baby was hand painted ^^ literally ❤


My Baby wasn’t made for MaCaM‘s 2017 Age of Ceramics competition, but I still submitted it and in turn it got displayed during the event and stayed there for a few months after that at MaCaM!

PDP for job applications copy

This was so gratifying because I wanted to flaunt My Baby at our graduating class’s final exhibition (year 2014) at the Lebanese American University, but to my disappointment and for some unknown reason,  that event never took place :/ . If it weren’t for that let down of a fact I wouldn’t have submitted an acrylic painted terra-cotta to a ceramics (aka glazed pottery) competition! 🙂


I never expected to win anything (Glaze vs Acrylic paint? Glazing wins obviously; It’s a harder and more ancient craft, it’s durable, costly and is valued more than the latter; Not to mention it was a ceramics competition) So my participation was more for the exhibition rather than to win a competition; I was a mother fighting for My Baby‘s long overdue time to shine!(No thanks to LAU)

See more of my participating at MaCaM here:




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