This blog features a select few peculiar but precious artworks ranging from my pre-university to my early BA years. 🙂 Enjoy.

loulou turtle 300squirrel 300

Loulou the turtle & Squirrel. 2011. A4 (give or take) Pencil on paper.

hippo 1200

Hippopotamus figurine from the Beirut National Museum. Chalk pastel & thin marker.

The Persistance of Memory at the Sea 1200

The Persistence of Memory at the Sea. Colored pencils. 2007


Leopard. Pencil. 2006

bat skeletonseal skeleton

Bat & Seal skeletons. 2012. A4 (give or take).  Pencil on paper.

Strand 1200

Untitled. Pencil and Oil pastel. (somewhere between 2010-2013)

Hera's Garden 1200

Hera’s Garden. Oil pastel, watercolor, markers & pens. (somewhere between 2009-2011)

Empty 1200

Untitled. Pencil & marker. (somewhere between 2009-2012)



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