Mansfield park

In 2016, as part of my MA in Illustration (Unit 1/ 1st/Fall Semester) at the Arts University Bournemouth, I composed artworks meant for The Folio Society’s Mansfield Park competition. We needed to create a cover photo and illustrate 3 scenes equally spaced out in the story Mansfield Park written by Jane Austen.

Though this is somewhat of a love story, I had a more cynical understanding, take and reinterpretation of this novel; and so I decided to illustrate it in accordance with my reaction.

Note: these were one of my earliest Photoshop artworks and during then, my art style had more of a cut and paste collage like feel to it.

These were my submissions:


Cover page (already set against the Folio Society’s binding template). We were only supposed to use the flat colors cream and black.

Layout 1

1st selected scene: Aunt Norris harshly talking to Fanny during the coach trip to Mansfield Park. This conversation negatively impacts Fanny esteem and concept of self worth for the whole story.

MPSc1 20 (1200 resolution)

My chosen illustration for scene 2: (I made 2 versions)

2nd selected scene: Mary Crawford (Edmund’s somewhat girlfriend) hearing news of Edmund only from his cousin Fanny (who also has feelings for him). Both women are like playing cards in his hand.

MPSc2 9 (1200res)

MPSc2 12 (1200res)

3rd selected scene: Edmund marries Fanny after he failed to change Mary’s ways (his primary romantic interest). Fanny grew up romantically interested in and under his guidance and values, so you could say he married his custom tailored rebound wife.

MPSc3 8 2016-12-14-

For more competitions I’ve entered 😉 :







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