My artwork ‘Pelican’ was chosen to de displayed alongside other works in Lebanon’s 1st Biennale of contemporary art that took place at MaCaM in 2017! This meant I was to reunite with this unique museum for the 3rd time in only 2 years! I selected ‘Pelicanas my response to the theme ‘Rupture in the Representation of the Real‘ where I discussed my take on Lebanon post civil war (from the eyes of a 90’s Lebanese).

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Work title: Pelican

Pelican (2014-2016) 90-150cm Mixed Medium (constructed inside canvas frame)

Date: 2014, 15, 16 { This was an artwork I’d keep reproaching and retouching during the span of 3 consecutive years, until I was satisfied with its outcome}

Medium: A collage & assemblage of mixed mediums/ materials and even found objects onto a stripped canvas stretcher.

Dimension: 90-150cm


Pelican represents Lebanon or the state of a body and mind being subjected to the harsh test of life.

This artwork resembles a body where the planar fabrics act like flesh: the canvas stretcher is like the skeleton, and the threads and ropes holding everything together is the muscle tissue connecting the flesh to the bone. Moreover, it represents the state of mind, trying to keep itself together for its own sake and the sake of the loved ones. The staples and stitches represent the disparate efforts to stay intact as it insists on showing its personality and character to the world.


This canvas represents Lebanon with its coexisting presence of different surfaces having been pulled closer to each other and stitched, glued and stapled that way to maintain a cooperative heterogenous population. Instead of the colors, textures and forms blending together smoothly as paint, the materials compose a lagoon of territories, expressing the state of Lebanon post civil war.


The large snake represents the persistent conspiracies against Lebanon, and the serpent’s laid dormant eggs waiting to hatch and inspire chaos and destruction should be a valuable reminder to the Lebanese that their constant awareness is vital to the region!


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Biennale of Contemporary Art, MaCaM. Rupture – In the Representation of the Real Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition


The Biennale exhibition’s duration was extended by a month! =D





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