1st prize LOGI !

On January the 28th 2017, the Lebanese Oil & Gas Initiative held an event exhibiting the artworks submitted for their Art competition, and which aimed to promote their oil extraction awareness cause.  LOGI art competition event.

{About LOGI: LOGI Home page }

LOGI art competition 2016There were 2 categories: Digital & Organic. The digital category seemed to include graphically  designed & advertisement-like artworks while the organic category encompassed visual fine artworks (either printed or traditional).


LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!!.jpg

(The top row are the 3 winners for the digital art category and the bottom row are the 3 winners for the organic category); My artwork A creature on the road to extinction مخلوق على طريق الانقراض, won 1st prize in the organic category! 


SIGNED Lana Charara LOGI art competition resolution 1200, 50x70cm مخلوق على طريق الانقراضA creature on the road to extinction مخلوق على طريق الانقراض

Artist: Lana Charara
Work title: مخلوق على طريق الانقراض (A creature on the road to extinction.)
Date created: November 2016.
Medium: A poster collage composed of both traditional and digital elements.


The Hippocampus is a Phoenician mythical creature of the sea which is part winged horse and part fish beast. It is depicted here neighing helplessly as it desperately tries to make it through a tragic oil spill. To the sea and its inhabitants, extracting oil is like when someone extracts venom from a snake, in that with one miscalculated and careless motion, the results can be deadly–except that with an oil spill, this disaster becomes uncontrollable and permanently catastrophic. Restless sea dwellers remain trapped under this dense blanket of death as our precious blue seascape turns into forbidden territory for all living things.

It’s fair to say this is a pessimistic and cynical take on Lebanon extracting its oil. Am I wrong or wicked to have imagined this outcome? I certainly don’t hope for it. After the constant raping of our barely explored, ill-treated and unappreciated share of the ancient Mediterranean, really, is this event too difficult an achievement for us? Our Mediterranean sea-based territory has long become uninhabitable to its native sea creatures, which would have decorated our once blue waters. Why must it be the case that when a dolphin is found, it’s dead, and when a seal is found, it turns out to be nothing more than a pregnant corpse floating in our waters?

Who will benefit from this oil extraction? A small portion of the Lebanese population? Maybe, sure, unless the money whales prefer the foreign hand over their citizens. It’s the businessmen running the country with permission from their foreign employers who will gain from this, as usual. They’ll use their “wastas” to filter out whomever they please, whilst also reminding those who were chosen to forever remain indebted to this ‘ever so humble and generous act’; in other words “ra7irab7ooko jmeeleh”. But aren’t we all already used to this? Anyway… this isn’t my point.

The ancient people of Lebanon, the Phoenicians, did not leave as many tangible and glorified artifacts as other, more well-known cultures who existed during its time; however, they did leave behind an intimidating legacy as the most successful, explorative, and far-reaching ancient marine-based traders yet. Moreover, surely we could discover many of their sunken secrets if Lebanon dedicated money, education, and transparent explorative expeditions in its own waters. Tragically, it is our punishment to live through the humiliation of never being able to regain our status as a location rich with ancient Phoenician and Mediterranean history–rather than just a land with nothing to show other than ruins belonging to its former invaders and occupiers.

Putting all this aside, though, and coming to terms with our inability to rescue this geography’s secrets for now…could we not at least respect its water-based legacy? If we do not fight to make sure this oil extraction process remains uncorrupt, genuine, and transparent, or at the least bit environmentally and geographically sensitive, then we’d have aided in sinking Lebanon to a fate so humiliating and demeaning in its irony, that we’d most certainly become the fool of the Mediterranean. And I’m sure more than a little of us are already aware that, throughout history, many have cooperatively conspired to make sure Lebanon falls flat on its bruised face, onto this stained mattress of historical waste.

My hippocampus is a symbolic character meant to speak for and express the agony of all living beings dependent on our sea; it is also an anthropomorphic embodiment of the damage hitting our richly historical and precious sea floor environment that could be (or has already been caused by!) the environmentally careless construction of oil rigs and their oil extractions. Though I cannot help but wonder, if this Hippocampus did in fact exist and inhabited our portion of the sea, and somehow miraculously managed to survive in our waters until now, how much longer is it going to be able to withstand the damage the Lebanese are almost always helpless in stopping?

Phoenicia has been compared to the Phoenix, a mythical bird constantly reborn from the ashes of its fiery death, and this gene seems to have been passed down to Lebanon, to its descendants. Therefore, I pray we strive and work to make sure, as Lebanese, we make the best out of this moment in our land’s life. Let’s extract oil, save our people, and rescue our economy without destroying this land’s environment and history, whilst still respecting what’s left of our water’s legacy. Lebanon, let’s not turn this economical opportunity into a black wet nightmare…

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LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!

I was abroad doing my MA in ILLustration and couldn’t attend the event, my best friend went in my place! That’s her in the pink scarf  receiving my certificate and winners cheque.

2016-10-31-PHOTO-00000672.jpgHere’s me starting the work! I always rely on an organic start to my digital finish!

LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!


Here are some photos of the event:

LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOGI Art competition Awards ceremony 28:0:2017 I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg


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